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   Summary of Qualifications



1/03 – Present        Cedar Valley Group, IT Consulting and Web Site Hosting Solutions, Austin, Texas

President of Cedar Valley Group, LLC

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For Cedar Valley Group LLC


10/01 – 12/02          GovConnect, Austin, Texas, subsidiary of E-One Global, Inc.

Software Consultant


For Health and Human Services Commission state agency, added new features to existing software.  New features incorporated a Wizard style design to step users through an upload or download of system data.  Added new ASP Pages to kick off retrieval of data from SQL Server database and write output in XML format.  Enhanced existing Visual Basic code to retrieve XML formatted data via FTP and incorporate data into existing Access database structure.  Designed and implemented additional database tables to track success and failure of various system processes used on the web and within local database.  Developed separate Visual Basic program to extract data from SQL Server database and write output into an Access database formatted for download via FTP.


For Health and Human Services Commission state agency developed technical requirements for new software that would import data into existing software that manages Information and Referral providers utilized by residents of Texas.  Specifications included: (a) data flow diagrams and entity-relationship diagrams of existing HHSC software (b) specifications for which operating systems must be supported as well as minimal PC system configuration available by system users to operate conversion software developed, (c) data requirements on a field by field basis to populate existing software database tables; (d) overviews of software system requirements that required multiple record be created to support one software functionality and (e) executive overview.


For Health and Human Services Commission state agency developed Access queries to perform analysis of existing statewide Information and Referral provider data.  Analysis included queries that pinpointed duplicate provider data, pinpoint gaps where no provider data existed for individual counties in Texas, pinpointed where provider information overlapped or was erroneously entered by system users.  Reports were also created to present the information in a user-friendly format.


08/97 – 10/01          Renaissance Worldwide, Austin, Texas

Software Consultant


For Department of Health state agency, reviewed the testing procedures, processes and results of a new statewide Medicaid Medicare claims processing system developed by an external software vendor for its’ adherence to established federal Medicaid and Medicare guidelines.  Determined accuracy of testing results and methods as well as identified areas requiring additional testing and verification.


For Traq Wireless, a rapidly growing telephone service plan provider to enterprise customers, developed web pages using ASP, VBScript and Javascript using VB Com business object components with a SQL Server 7.0 database. Javascript was employed to keep data viewed by the user in synch as user changed list box selections or input data. Cookies were used to retain users changes until all required entry information was supplied before updating database.  Formalized web-based reports allowed the user to interactively sort data by selecting output report fields and also enter criteria to narrow report criteria.   System users had the option to export and print individual pages or the entire report. All code utilized standardized error handling techniques as well as include files for common ASP and Javascript functions.   Developed views and stored procedures to support changing report requirements on Sql Server 7.0. Worked interactively with client staff to meet changing and enhanced application requirements. 


For Dell Computer Corporation developed a stand-alone application in Visual Basic to support an internal payment processing on computer purchases made by external vendors and buyers via EDI transmission records.  VB application trapped data from a message queue, executed stored procedures as needed, monitored database for success or failure of stored procedures and subsequently FTP output files to multiple mainframe and PC based systems.  In support of the application also developed triggers, functions, packages and stored procedures in Oracle 7.0 to collect and reformat the EDI data into multiple formats used by other internal systems and to feed that data via FTP and other means to multiple internal mainframe and PC based systems.  Wrote reports using PL/SQL as needed to support the system.


For Birch and Davis, performed query optimization and tuning on existing in-house TSQL queries and database for a major medical provider.


For Motive Communications, developed stored procedures to extract data from SQL Server backend to generate intranet web pages for in-house support.  Developed batch procedures that imported data using BCP and then modified input (through stored procedures) to match existing database table structures and integrate the data.  Developed batch procedures to extract data (through stored procedures), manipulate it and export it using BCP to external systems.  Modified stored procedures written by a 3rd party to pass data between two shrink-wrap applications to meet the needs of the client.>


For Syntro Corporation, troubleshoot application development problems on software designed to analyze the service provided by major medical providers to medical clientele; modularize existing code base, assist in develop for new application components, and mentor team members on software development techniques.


For Sterling Information Group, developed in TSQL for MS SQL Server 6.5 tables, triggers, views, indexes and stored procedures to support a WEB ASP enabled labor hours/project tracking application.  Setup as scheduled tasks on the Server, stored procedures that combined data from multiple tables into various formats to support export of data to external systems as well as perform mass updates on multiple tables depending on criteria and parameters passed into procedures. Developed functionality and required reports in Access95 to support administrative aspects of application, as well as import of and export of project data from and to an external Dbase system. 


Established MS SQL Server 6.5 and required database(s) to support development for an application created for a municipal agency.  Mentored team members developing the application in SQL administrative aspects for database support, and backups; best practices for data loading, development of stored procedures, views and triggers.


For local office of American Heart Association, developed and maintained proposal tracking system in Access95 for a large non-profit organization.  Successfully converted application from Access95 to Access97.


For Sterling Information Group, lead developer on Account Management and Project Management system using Access 95 and SQL Server 6.5.  Coordinated the efforts of 5 team members to support integration of various components into a single application.  Developed and maintained SQL Server tables, triggers, views and stored procedures (using TSQL) to support the application as well as improve application performance.  Wrote and implemented test plans as well as the managed the production implementation.


03/97 - 06/97           General Computer Systems Inc., Austin, Texas

Programmer Analyst


Responsibilities included creating, developing, maintaining in-house software sold to National drug companies for tracking drug testing/development on lab animals.  Used Intersolve Tracker, PowerDoc, and PBBrowse.



04/87 - 03/97           Texas General Land Office, Austin, Texas

Programmer/Analyst II


Responsible for designing, writing and implementing triggers, stored procedures and creating views to support SQL Server 6.0 client server applications. 


Using Access performed enhancement of logical and physical design of existing system, created initial system documentation, added additional code to implement security access levels in an agency-wide employee task tracking system.  Designed and implemented an emergency oil spill call tracking and notification system.


Using PowerBuilder created and developed file import and export routines for data transferal between PC based system and an existing mainframe system.  Developed a system to manage an internal telephone inventory tracking and telephone work order processing system.


Utilizing JCL, and Cobol implemented a mainframe tracking system of archival records housed by the state agency. 



BJ, Journalism, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1985

             Minor Concentration: Computer Science








Windows XP

MS SQL Server 7.0/2000

Visual Basic  and VB.Net

MS Access

Windows 2000

MS Jet Engine


PL SQL Admin.

Windows NT 4.0 Server

Oracle 7.0


PL SQL Navigator

Windows NT 4.0 Workstation

MS Access



Windows Vista

DBase V


Dreamweaver CS3


PHP 5.0

Photoshop CS 3